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Rows of Stocks Predicted to Sparkle This Week

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Index Price Stocks Combined (JCI) weakened 27.24 points, or 0.38 percent, to 7,235 at the end of last week’s trading. Foreign investors recorded a net buy or net buy in all markets of IDR 30.79 billion.

In the past week, the stock index rose twice and weakened twice. Meanwhile, in total, the index’s performance strengthened by 1.52 percent.

Executive Daily Corporate Secretary of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Yulianto Aji Sadono said the stock market capitalization rose 3.97 percent from Rp. 9.045 thousand trillion in the previous week, to Rp. 9.41 thousand trillion.

Meanwhile, the average daily transaction value of the stock exchange increased by 27.28 percent from Rp. 13.847 trillion to Rp. 17.624 trillion. Then, the average daily exchange transaction jumped 20.15 percent from 1.63 million transactions to 1.35 million transactions.

“The highest increase this week occurred in the average daily volume of the stock exchange by 39.66 percent to 31.003 billion shares from 22.199 billion shares at the close of the previous week,” said Yulianto, as quoted from the IDX website, Thursday (14/4).

MNC Sekuritas Technical Analyst Herditya Wicaksana predicts the JCI has the potential to weaken in the range of support 7,146 days resistance 7,320 so far this week.

According to him, market players still tend to pay attention to several sentiments, such as high inflation in the US and European countries due to rising world commodity prices. In addition, the market is still observing the impact lockdown which occurred in several areas in China.

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Domestically, the JCI will be influenced by the release of trade balance data, export and import data, and Bank Indonesia (BI) interest rates. He estimates that the increase and scarcity of fuel and the increase in electricity tariffs will certainly have an impact on the stock index.

“The increase in Indonesia’s inflation itself will more or less affect the JCI itself, therefore technically it is estimated that the JCI is still prone to correction,” said Herditya.

Technically, he recommended a number of stocks to be collected, such as PT Kapuas Prima Coal Tbk or ZINC which closed up 1.15 percent to position 88 last week. Herditya predicts ZINC can touch the 100 position.

Then, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk or JSMR which closed down 2.39 percent to position 3,680. He predicts JSMR can touch the position of 4,040.

Furthermore, Herditya also recommended PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk or ACES, which closed down 2.14 percent to the position of 1,145. He predicts the shares of listed companies in the industrial sector will touch the 1,300 position.

Then, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BBRI which closed down 1.52 percent to 4,540. Herditya predicts the shares of this banking sector issuer will touch the position of 4,760.

Finally, there was PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk or FREN which closed up 3.53 percent to position 88. Herditya predicts FREN could touch position 108 this week.

Meanwhile, Capital Market observer Riska Afriani projects that over the next week, the JCI will move in the support range of 7,132 and resistance at 7,345.

According to Riska, the global markets that investors will focus on include the increase in US Treasury yields in line with the outbreak of geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the growth of Gross Domestic Product and China’s retail sales in March 2022.

“In addition, I see that investors’ perceptions in the near future will be influenced by US monetary policy,” he said.

Regarding domestic sentiment, the government’s announcement of the holiday allowance (THR) to be paid in April and the 13th salary in June or July will have a positive impact on the sector. consumer goods.

“THR and 13th Salary will increase public consumption, have a positive impact on the sector” consumer goods,“kata Riska.

On the other hand, according to him, the planned increase in electricity rates will not have much effect on the JCI, unless there are demonstrations or demonstrations by the people who reject the policy.

“Increases in domestic electricity tariffs can lead to demonstrations again, the effect is not too significant on the JCI, but can provide negative sentiment for the JCI movement during the demonstration,” said Riska.

In such circumstances, he advised investors to keep an eye on mining sector stocks because they could potentially be colored by action profit taking.

In detail, a number of stocks that Riska recommends to collect are PT Vale Indonesia Tbk or INCO, which closed up 7.41 percent to 7,975 last week. Then, PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk or AALI which closed up 0.39 percent to 12,875 in the previous week.

Then, he also recommended PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk or ADRO which closed down 1.19 percent to position 3,310 and PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk or PWON which closed down 1.94 percent to position 505.

Riska also recommended PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk or ICBP which closed down 2.05 percent to 7,175, and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk or BBCA which closed down 1.28 percent to 7,700.

Furthermore, Riska also recommended PT Astra International Tbk and PT Aneka Tambang Tbk for this week.


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