Rossi who doesn’t want to be humiliated in the last MotoGP race

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Valentino Rossi stated that he was very ambitious to achieve good results in MotoGP Valencia because he didn’t want to be embarrassed in his last race at MotoGP.

Rossi admits that the 2021 MotoGP has a crucial role behind the continuation of his career in the MotoGP event. When Rossi looked unable to compete in the early half of the season, The Doctor said he easily made the decision to retire.

“But after Portugal [MotoGP Algarve], we spoke and I said that in Valencia, we have to give our best because this is the last race. I want the maximum because the Valencia track is the worst for me and I don’t want to finish in the final position.”

“The result was much more positive than we expected and with the result to finish in the top 10, I think this is my best race of the season,” said Rossi. Crash.

The Doctor admits that he and the team are working hard to be able to show the best ability in the Valencia MotoGP. But the pressure that has been present since the beginning of the week has been felt by Rossi.

“I feel motivated and very focused like I am fighting for the world title. This is the last and very important race, an unforgettable race.”

“But it’s not easy because since Monday, I’ve been under a lot of pressure, then there are many things to do. But the most important thing for me is to stay strong in the race because I’m still a racer,” said Rossi.

Rossi started the race in 10th starting position and crossed the finish line in the same position.

“For me, it’s an exciting day. I raced well. I didn’t make any mistakes and I did my best from start to finish.”

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