Ross Antony makes your dreams come true: Enjoy a Schlager surprise on MDR.DE

At the popular hit show “Music for you”. Singer and entertainer Ross Antony most recently a very special role: in his own lovable way, he surprised pop fans with their favorite pop star.

The surprise was arranged by someone close to her. Sometimes it was the daughter, sometimes the brother, sometimes the best friend who wanted to give someone a very special day. Ross used his contacts and invited the star with whom the surprised person has a special relationship. Together they always cooked up a musical surprise with bravado.

Ross Antony is now presenting the most beautiful surprises from “Musik für Sie” in his show “Schlager Surprise for you” and garnishes it with great music by the stars – on Friday, March 24 at 8:15 p.m. on MDR.

Bernhard Brink, Olaf the pinballRudy Giovannini, Olaf Berger, Vivien Gold, Rene Ulbrich and the hit pilots.

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