TV Dingolfing retains 2.Bundesliga women’s Volleyball championship, along with Dingolfing Half Marathon, Juniors, Badminton, Basketball Dukes, Handball, JuJutsu, Athletics, Table tennis, Gymnastics and Carnival.

Celebration photos from Lohhof

Volleyball players from TV Dingolfing make their masterpiece in Lohhof – (ki) TV Dingolfing is champion of the women’s second volleyball league for the second time in a row. Already three games before the end of the season, the “Dingos” won the championship title with a 3-0 win at SV Lohhof and with a lead of ten points they can no longer be pushed off the top of the table. Dingolfing’s coach Andreas Urmann was able to take the entire squad with fourteen players to the Bavarian derby, for which SV Lohhof had called for a fundraising campaign for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. And it was also the expected hard-fought game in the table tenth, who has been able to record improving form and numerous point gains through victories in the last few weeks. Around 500 spectators, including numerous Dingolfing fans who loudly cheered on their team, formed a worthy setting for the derby, which also lived up to expectations. The opening set was balanced for a long time, but Lohhof pulled away by 21:18, coach Andreas Urmann took his second time-out, but Lohhof continued to lead until 22:20. In the so-called “crunch time”, however, the TVD dominated, equalized and converted the first set ball to 25:23. Set number two then belonged to the “Dingos”, also due to strong serves and a series from captain Mira Heimrich. 16:6 and 21:12 the Dingolfing women quickly won the game section with 25:15. The third set was similar to the first period in terms of course and result: initially balanced, then the hosts took the lead by 18:15 and 23:19. But once again the “dingoes” proved their fighting power and nerves of steel. Here, too, they managed to equalize, fending off two set balls from SV Lohhof and turning the first match ball into a 26:24. Huge cheers on the pitch and from the Dingolfing fans afterwards, because after 83 minutes of pure playing time, not only was the three-set win in the derby against SV Lohhof certain, but also the championship early with the win with three points. Libera Emma Sambale was voted Most Valuable Player for the Dingoes and was honored and there was every reason to celebrate. Because for the second time in a row, TV Dingolfing was able to win the women’s championship in the 2nd Bundesliga South. Jubilation and joy, but also satisfaction with the performance of his team, not only in Lohhof with coach Andreas Urmann, the “architect” of the team. There are still three games left, two of them in our own arena and after a game-free weekend on April 2nd the first of the two home games where there will be a lot to celebrate. The official championship celebration will take place at the last home game on April 16 in the Lower Bavaria derby against Vilsbiburg II. The club officials and the team have already planned an attractive supporting program for both home games.

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