Romantic Concert at Livonian Order Palace: Aleksandra Spitzberga & Atis Andersons

This Saturday, December 9, singer Aleksandra Spitzberga and jazz organist and pianist Atis Andersons invite you to a romantic concert at the Livonian Order Palace in Ventspils – “during a journey of feelings and thoughts, where the ancient and the modern, experience and dreams, classics and jazz will intertwine.”

Aleksandra Spitzberga and Atis Andersson play music together as part of the musicians’ union “AKA”, where they experiment with the synergy of folk music and jazz. In creating this new program, the musicians were inspired by the experience of using the colors of the Hammond organ and jazz harmonies as a novelty in creating a new sound. The musicians will offer the listeners a new and original reading of the compositions, which were created even several centuries ago: “Alexander’s characteristic singing manner, which harmoniously combines the academic and folk, will resonate with Ata’s jazz musician’s handwriting and the unique sound of the Hammond organ.” The concert will feature opus of spiritual music as well as romantic compositions dedicated to love and longing.

2023-12-07 17:01:24
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