Rohimah Fasting in Turkey, Children Eat Rice & Crackers to Stay in Neighbors

Jakarta, Insertlive

The shocking news came from Rohimah Alli, Kiwil’s ex-wife who is said to have divorced from her Turkish husband Zeki Bayrek Iskander.

This was acknowledged by Rohimah to Feni Rose through the event Break Trans TV.

“Yes, it has to be done for the sake of everything. Yesterday the knock was right at the ambassador, but for the state court, I have to take care first in Jakarta that I am no longer his wife,” said Rohimah.

“I declare that I am divorced from him, I will send it later and then he will take care of it in the state court,” he continued.

Rohimah also told how the condition of her children when she was left behind to go to Turkey during Ramadan.

“On the 6th or 7th, Awil called and said ‘Bun, we want to fast, just eat rice and crackers’. I asked where his father was? They said his father could not be contacted,” explained Rohimah.

“In the afternoon, I told my husband that I was fine. I asked to send my children money because they needed it. My husband asked where his father was and he said he would give me an answer later,” she continued.

Unfortunately, Rohimah actually got a disappointing answer from her husband.

Rohimah and her Caucasian husband are from Turkey. / Photo: Doc. Instagram

Zeki Bayrek Iskander refuses to give money to Rohimah’s child.

“No, your children are not my responsibility because you are my responsibility. I’ll be shocked right away,” he said.

“He said to me, ‘Your children are not my responsibility. Your children still have a father. I was shocked immediately because when you married me, you should have accepted that I had children,’ he concluded.

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Most recently, Rohimah has been in Indonesia and met her children.

Rohimah’s return cannot be separated from Feni Rose’s struggle to help her return to Indonesia.


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