A BOLA – Former presidential candidate fears Rúben Amorim’s departure (Sporting)

The former candidate for the presidency of Sporting, João Benedito, admitted this Thursday, on the sidelines of the conference 2Buildthat your stance was very useful to the lions in the last term.

The former futsal player said he was available to help the club in another way: “Given my desire, as a sportinguista, I believe that one day I will be useful to Sporting. How it will be, I don’t know, but I’m always available for Sporting.”

João Benedito guaranteed that he will always maintain the same position at the club, noting: “I kept the same perspective in the failed events at the Academy, when things were not going well under Frederico Varandas and when they were going well.”

Asked about a possible change in the technical command of the football team, the former goalkeeper showed some concern: “I think that any Sporting player fears losing a coach like Rúben Amorim and fears losing any coach we have in the modalities, which have quality and have given titles. These are pieces that have to be maintained, valued and, in the fans’ ideal, should remain in the club. If Rúben leaves, Sporting will continue on its path, we will see with what quality and whether or not we continue on the trail of victories.”

Despite the concern, João Benedito “failed” any budgetary deviation to keep Rúben Amorim: “As a fan, I would like Rúben Amorim to remain at Sporting. I think Sporting shouldn’t go into financial madness, even if they try, in any way, to cover ‘all-in’ investments that can be made. It is important to study the current moment of the club and the repercussions, even if the people who direct are not at the club.”

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