Roger Federer tells how he announced his retirement to Rafa Nadal

MEXICO CITY, December 8 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Roger Federer participated in the program “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” during his visit to the United States for a few days, it was there that he revealed how he told Rafa Nadal about the his retirement.

Federer announced and retired last September after playing the doubles match with the Spaniard at the 2022 Laver Cup, the Swiss shared in the interview how he informed Nadal of this decision and the request he made.

Roger said he called Nadal on the phone and it was the first time he shared his decision to step away from professional tennis with anyone outside his family and team.

“Hey, Rafa, before you make any other plans, I’d like you to come to the Laver Cup and play my last doubles match with you. That would be great because (crying), unfortunately, (crying) my knee is not right It’s not right more well and I think this is the end, you know?” she explained.

Federer recalled Nadal’s response.

“He was like ‘oh, yeah, oh my God… Ok, yeah. I’ll be there. Whatever happens,'” the Swiss said.

Said pact was respected and on September 23 Nadal and Federer faced Tiafoe and Sock, the duel ended in favor of the Americans 6-4, 6-7(2) and 11-9.

At the end of the match, Federer and Nadal were the protagonists of one of the images that will mark 2022 in which both are sitting while crying.

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