Roberto Leal Takes a London Vacation Following Rafa’s Pasapalabra Victory.

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The presenter of Pasapalabra and El Desafío has headed to London to spend a few days off with his family after the most exciting week in both contests.

Roberto Leal (43 years old) has had a most intense week. Last Thursday, one of the most epic programs of Pasapalabra was broadcast in prime time. Rafa Castaño (33 years old) finally got hold of the succulent €2,272,000 jackpot that she had accumulated during her duel with Orestes Barbero (26 years old).

The third edition of El Desafío also ended a day later, with the Sevillian in the lead. The winner was, on this occasion, the singer Ana Guerra with her classical ballet. Come on, Roberto Leal has not stopped these days. So it is not surprising that he took advantage of the San José bridge in Madrid (Monday the 20th was a holiday) to spend a few days in London with his family.

Roberto Leal’s busiest week: two height finals

Although both programs were recorded in advance, the truth is that both Thursday and Friday (even the days before) have had a clear protagonist. Roberto Leal has been in charge of conducting two of the television moments of the season. Especially the one that took place in Pasapalabra on Thursday with the victory of Rafa Castaño.

The contestant had been dueling many times with his partner Orestes and it was clear that the jackpot was about to fall, but what nobody expected was that he would answer all the questions of the famous donut in a single turn. Finally, he won the prize of more than 2 million euros after Roberto’s torn “yes” confirming that he had also hit the key with Z.

The next day, Roberto also took control of another great final, the one that faced Ana Guerra with Rosa Lopez in the third edition of El Desafío. Both former contestants of Operación Triunfo (a program that Roberto also presented in his day) received the highest scores but it was the Canary Islander who won the prize.

Roberto Sánchez’s family vacations after the ‘final’ of Pasapalabra and El Desafío

So much emotion has made Roberto Leal want to disconnect a few days from work and has gone to London with his wife, the journalist Sara Rubio. She has been in charge of taking the photographs thanks to which we have been able to see that Roberto is visiting Buckingham Palace.

And it is that the presenter has shared a series of images in which he poses with a very striking look and in an almost influencer attitude. We know that Roberto has a great sense of humor that has made him one of the most beloved presenters of the moment.

In the photos, she is wearing a tight-fitting hat, sunglasses, a necklace, a puffer coat and, best of all, a T-shirt with an image of Queen Elizabeth II in front of the Great Britain flag and dressed in a leather jacket and T-shirt. , in the purest punk style. An image, without a doubt, far removed from the one she usually shows on television and which suggests that his personal style is really much more casual.

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