Riva reveals whether she will ever perform in Russia again

After the repeated Russian invasion of Ukraine, a number of Latvian artists, who had previously performed actively in Russia as well, openly opposed the war and stopped performing in Latvia’s neighboring country. Musician Markus Riva also expressed his position on this issue in the program “Celebrities. No filter”.

“It has definitely been put to an end. It won’t happen again and won’t happen again,” M. Riva revealed her position on concerts in Russia in the program. “Everything that is happening is incomprehensible and unacceptable. The day it all happened, I immediately understood that it was completely immoral,” the singer explains.

He also adds that out of respect for all Ukrainian friends and listeners, this is only a logical step. The musician also does not hide that after openly expressing his views, he received a lot of negativity from fans in Russia. Also, the singer was not shy to publish the news he received, which at times was really tragicomic.

It has already been announced that even before Russia’s repeated invasion of Ukraine, the musician had planned a trip to Russia, which was immediately canceled after the events of February 24.

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