Rio Ferdinand Evaluates Manchester United’s Problems and Ralf Rangnick’s Advice

Rio Ferdinand Evaluates Manchester United’s Problems and Ralf Rangnick’s Advice


Rio Ferdinand evaluate Manchester United should listen to advice Ralf Rangnick if you want to get up. Rangnick was a former MU manager before Erik ten Hag.

Manchester United slumped at the start of this season. They are currently ranked 13th in the Premier League standings.

The Red Devils have only collected six points from five matches. They won twice and lost three times.

MU was plagued by many problems until finally they were unable to perform optimally at the start of this season. Problems exist for MU both on and off the field.

From inside the field, the appearance of Manchester United’s two pillars, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, was considered too selfish. Meanwhile, off the field, there was the case of Jadon Sancho who argued with manager Erik ten Hag and Harry Maguire who did not want to leave Old Trafford.

MU legend, Rio Ferdinand, believes that the problems facing his former club would not have happened if they had listened to Ralf Rangnick’s advice. Rangnick was MU’s caretaker before Ten Hag arrived at the start of last season.

Before his position was replaced by Ten Hag, Rangnick said that MU had to undergo heart surgery to be able to recover. MU is also full of problems losing to being coached by Rangnick. Rangnick’s statement was interpreted as meaning that MU had to carry out a major overhaul.

“People are looking for scapegoats, that’s how the media is today, people are looking for scapegoats and leaving, that’s the reason. I see people saying [Marcus] Rashford didn’t work hard enough, or Bruno [Fernandes] is the captain,” said Ferdinand, quoted from the FIVE podcast.

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“Ralf Rangnick’s comments when he left went something like this, it doesn’t require medication, it requires heart surgery. Nobody took that comment to heart and thought about it. ‘Let me dig deeper’. It shows you that not a single person can solve this problem. We have Cristiano Ronaldo, what he has done in the match and he also can’t solve it.

“We have a lot of managers who have big reputations and they haven’t finished it. Spent a lot of money and it hasn’t solved it,” he explained.

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