Rimini, terror on the bus: stabs five people including a child wounded in the throat. He is in serious condition

Terror, late yesterday evening in Rimini, after a 26-year-old man of Somali origin stabbed four people and a child. The baby is reportedly in serious condition due to a neck injury. It happened on bus line 11 during a normal ticket check by the controllers. The man pulled out the knife hitting the inspectors, one of them wounded in the neck and the other in the arm and then ran away. Once abroad, holding a knife, he tried to stop cars on the street, but without success. Chased by the police on the run, he stabbed three other people, including a woman and her 5-year-old son. Then, finally the man was stopped by the police in Rimini. The baby is in very serious condition and is hospitalized at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena.

The arrest was ordered by the prosecutor Davide Ercolani, who is coordinating the investigations. At the moment, no leads are excluded regarding the motive for the attacks. The investigators are trying to understand the contours in which the whole affair has matured.

At the moment no elements have emerged that could lead him to terrorist or extremist circles. The Somali did not have specific precedents and was housed in a Red Cross facility and according to some witnesses had manifested a violent and aggressive personality. Investigators, also on the basis of the man’s reaction, do not rule out that he was under the influence of drugs. Also according to what is learned, the Somali had arrived in Europe for some years and had been in other countries before arriving in Italy. A few months ago he applied for refugee status.

“What happened in Rimini is of unprecedented gravity” comments the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini. “We are close to the injured people in Rimini – he adds – including a child. Before anything else, the thought goes to them and their loved ones. Thanks to the police for the prompt intervention that led to the arrest of the attacker. We are in constant contact with the Municipality to follow the developments of the affair and at the disposal of family members for any need. Now – he underlines – the facts are ascertained and the law applied with the utmost rigor towards those who have been guilty of a dramatic and unacceptable fact ». Matteo Salvini’s comment was very hard. The leader of the League speaks of «an immigrant without a ticket stopped on the bus in Rimini, first stabbing the two controllers, then three other people, including a child, wounded in the throat. Damned criminal, I hope nobody says “poor thing” … At your house and stop, right minister Lamorgese? ». While Giorgia Meloni makes it known that she is following «with apprehension what has happened. A thought and a prayer for the wounded. I hope this criminal pays dearly ”the Fdi leader writes on twitter.


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