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Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza: A Celebration of Cuban Literature and Poetry

In the gallery El reino de este mundo, of the emblematic cultural institution, the vast work of the playwright, teacher and screenwriter, born in 1963 and a native of Sancti Spíritus, in central Cuba, was toured.

The intellectuals, cultural promoters and poets Yanelis Encinosa, Ricardo Alberto Pérez, and Gertrudis Ortiz participated in the activity, organized jointly with the Cuban Book Institute.

Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza throughout his career has highlighted the validity of the printed book, and also of used books.

To these he sees added values ​​such as the history of the author and the work, added to the editorial history, back cover note or the prologue, and even the material with which it was made, because there is an incomparable beauty in it, as he has publicly confessed.

This author also ponders the beauty of poetry and the importance of the literary classics, and according to him, the poetry of José Martí or the work Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, are always reads.

He graduated in the specialty of Theater from the National School of Art in Havana, graduated in Literature and Spanish, and has worked as an actor and theater director, radio and television scriptwriter and for more than three decades he has worked as a scenic oral narrator. .

He holds the Distinction for National Culture and has received numerous literary awards, including the Raúl Gómez García National Poetry Prize (1987), the Rubén Martínez Villena National Poetry Prize (1988), the Onelio Jorge Cardoso National Story Prize (1988) and the Fayad Jamís National Poetry Award (2003).

It also has under its endorsement the Eliseo Diego National Poetry Prize (1995) and the Nosside Caribbean International Poetry Prize (2004).

He has published poetic titles such as Such Lovers Such a Story (1991), Crossed Sites 2003), Poplar Body (2003), Last Day of the Shipwreck (2004), Other Silently Carved Stones (2006), Obsessive Way (2008), Se It was last night (2009), and The Hand and the Silence (2014).


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