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Ricardo Gareca must undergo a DNA test to determine if he is the father of a Uruguayan woman

Gareca had to take the test on February 21, but his attendance was doubted. (Photo: ANDINA)

An Argentine court ordered that the “Tigre”, Ricardo Gareca, undergo a DNA test to determine whether or not he is the father of a 41-year-old Uruguayan woman.

The exam would be held on February 21, however, there are doubts about the voluntary presentation of the Chilean national team coach.

Mary Sande, the possible daughter of the former technical director of the Peruvian soccer team, presented a filiation claim in 2021 that was granted by the Argentine court, according to the newspaper “Popular” of that country.

Sande would have found out that “skinny” Gareca was his father when his sister Carola showed him a photo of him on the internet. “I couldn’t believe that something like this was happening to me, but she assured me: ‘you’re not dad’s daughter, he only gave you her last name,’” she mentioned in an interview.

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According to the aforementioned foreign media, the woman managed to meet Gareca 15 years ago, when the strategist arrived in Uruguay for a pre-season. After telling her that she could be his daughter, the former player only managed to tell her that “he didn’t remember.”

The story began in 1982, when Mary Sande’s mother met Ricardo Gareca in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. Then, “Tigre” played for the “Boca Juniors” club and she had come to work in the Argentine capital. After a fleeting romance, the Uruguayan woman became pregnant, but according to Sande’s testimony, the Argentine soccer player did not want to take charge of her paternity.

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