RI desires to have the biggest hydroelectric plant in Southeast Asia, here is the development

Tanjung Selor

The design of PT Kayan Hydro Power (KHE) ‘s Kayan Hydro Electricity Plant (PLTA) task is currently less than building on the street. PT KHE Director of Operations Khaerony mentioned this PLTA will later on grow to be the major energy plant in Southeast Asia.

He stated the hydroelectric electricity plant will have an built-in ability source and will turn into the major electrical power source for the Tanah Kuning-Mangkupadi (KIPI) industrial and global port region in North Kalimantan.

In the meantime, PT Indonesia Strategic Industries (ISI) is the supervisor of the industrial area and PT Pelabuhan International Indonesia (PII), which is the developer of global ports supporting the industrial parts.


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With an expenditure price of in excess of US $ 17 billion or equivalent to Rp 252.49 trillion, assuming an exchange rate of Rp 14,852.

He reported PT KHE is also collaborating with foreign partners. Quite a few stated that the international husband or wife who entered was Sumitomo from Japan. Khaerony himself confirmed Sumitomo’s inclusion as a lover for the Kayan hydroelectric electric power plant, but was reluctant to go into facts.

“It is real that Sumitomo has turn into a husband or wife, but I will clarify the details at an additional time,” he reported in a media briefing at the Luminor Lodge Tanjung Selor on Saturday (8/27/2022).

Presently, according to Khaerony, his bash is performing on infrastructure growth in the variety of street construction from the nearest PU (Ministry of Public Operates) street to the Kayan 1 dam, which is about 12 km away.

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“For 11 yrs PT KHE has hardly ever stopped working. We have followed all the procedures. Starting up from the inspections, from the assignments to the management of permits, the selection of which reaches dozens of permits. To the concern in what proportion, so much the ‘course of this highway development was about 30%, “he described.

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