REWE launches “REWE Saving Assistant” on Instagram / Chatbot now informs users about weekly coupons in the REWE app

Cologne (ots) – After WhatsApp, REWE is taking the next step in digitizing the communication of offers via social media: the “REWE Savings Assistant”. It is a chatbot that communicates with users in the private messages area of ​​Instagram and, among other things, informs them weekly about new attractive coupons in the REWE app. Direct exchange through Messenger is booming, with a billion messages changing every day between users and brands. And 75% of social media users prefer direct messaging to engage with brands*.

These numbers make the Instagram chatbot interesting for REWE both for addressing customers on a more personal level and for communicating offers. In addition, more and more users perceive classic offer announcements in the social media environment directly as advertisements and scroll through them quickly because they do not invite sufficient interaction. The interactive chatbot, on the other hand, presents REWE offers and coupons within Instagram messages with a personal address. Users can rest assured that they will not lose any coupons in the REWE app, even without much effort.

Because using the REWE savings assistant on Instagram is very simple: go to “Send messages” on the REWE profile on Instagram, then click on the REWE savings assistant. Once started, the chatbot guides you through further communication and offers you various options – from saving money and additional app benefits to contacting customer service. Every Monday, you can use the “Save money” field to receive information about the REWE app coupons of the week so that you can benefit from particularly attractive offers the next time you shop. Services via Instagram chatbots complement the existing offer via WhatsApp. You can use this service to get offers from your favorite market for the following week on Sunday.

“The REWE savings assistant offers our customers clear added value and once again demonstrates our innovative strength. With the new digital service, Instagram users can now easily receive our weekly app coupons on their smartphones and benefits of the REWE experience in the app,” says Dr. . Jan Flemming, director of media at REWE.

*Data according to Spectrm agency, Falkensee


In the summer, REWE was the first major food retailer to announce that it would stop printing and distribute advertising brochures on July 1, 2023, but would instead significantly expand product advertising via new and well-known media. The effect on the environment, climate and resource conservation is immense: the conversion saves more than 73,000 tonnes of paper, 70,000 tonnes of CO2, 1.1 million tonnes of water and 380 million kWh of energy all over the world. ‘year. The latter has gained importance in discussions on the future security of energy supply in Germany. Of course, there will also be more than 200 REWE special offers every week in future, just no longer in print, but in an environmentally friendly way, for example on digital channels in the REWE app, via WhatsApp or now Instagram.

About REWE:

With a turnover of 26.7 billion euros (2021), 161,000 employees nationwide and 3,700 stores, REWE Markt GmbH is one of the leading companies in the food retail sector in Germany. REWE shops are operated as subsidiaries or by independent REWE dealers. The REWE Group cooperative is one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. In 2021, the company achieved total foreign sales of approximately 77 billion euros. The REWE Group, founded in 1927, has more than 380,000 employees in 20 European countries.

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