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REVIEWS: Def Leppard still play forteln, gentlemansky sleek rock

Def Leppard

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This band enjoys St. In December 1984, a year after the release of Pyromania’s new album, drummer Rick Allen was involved in car accidents. The group did not throw him overboard, had him make a specially modified bicycle set and released the bestseller Hysteria.

Perhaps fate, in spite of that, he had to take one major test for her. In 1991, guitarist Steve Clark died of drug and alcohol abuse. Even then, they gritted their teeth and, instead of drowning, they looked to the future in grief.

This bird is synonymous with melodic stadium rock, and the new album Diamond Star Halos didn’t want to change anything about it. Known as the British gentleman’s reaction to the American pinav rocknroll from the Sunset Strip. Catching refractions go to the group but under the hand, and even though it lives a bit in its own bubble, it is nice that it does not like to make its typical sound illuminated by trendy extras.

Rated: 60 %

The album will satisfy fans, in several cities they will hear the awareness of composing practices and references to the most famous period.

Here and there the sun hits, you SOS Emergency, U Rok Mi or Unbreakable.

A duet This Guitar with Alisson Kraus is a pretty nice cajdek. Solid, old rock rock record. dn bomb, but also dn shame.


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