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Restoration Fundraising for Bologna’s Garisenda and Asinelli Towers Reaches 800 Thousand Euros: Aims for 3 Million

It is used to finance the restoration of the structure: the mayor Matteo Lepore said that 800 thousand euros have already been raised, and the aim is for three million

In just over a week, the fundraising launched by the municipality of Bologna for the restoration of the two towers in the center of the city, the Garisenda and the Asinelli tower, has already reached the goal of 800 thousand euros initially set by the mayor Matteo Lepore. Given the excellent result, the target has been raised to three million euros, to be achieved within the next few months.

Lepore said many donations came from businesses, but private citizens also participated. The initiative falls within the so-called “Art Bonus”, a tax break introduced in 2014 by the then Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, which guarantees 65% tax deductibility in the three years following the donation. It is not clear whether all the 800 thousand euros cited by Lepore have actually already been paid: the mayor he said that for now the initiative has collected “very important donations and commitments, I’m talking about commitments because the transfers will arrive”.

Fundraising had been launched last November 24th mainly to finance the restoration of the Garisenda tower, which in recent months has started to sway and twist more than usual. The Garisenda is just over 48 meters high and is located next to the Asinelli tower, which is 97 meters high. Both are pending. Starting from the end of October, the municipality closed to traffic and cordoned off the area around the two towers, so as to be able to observe the oscillations more precisely.

The municipality’s fundraising was also supported by the singers Gianni Morandi and Cesare Cremonini, both originally from the Bologna area. Lepore He said that private resources would have allowed us to “be more agile” with the restoration work on both towers. The municipality had referred to another similar initiative, a fundraiser started in 2015 to restore the Neptune fountain which had made it possible to raise almost 480 thousand euros.

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Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the construction of one containment structure around the Garisenda, which represents the first phase of the municipality’s plan to secure the building. The project involves the construction of a “protection belt to contain debris resulting from a possible collapse”, made up of various metal modules that will be placed around the perimeter of the tower: they will be colored red, anchored to the ground and connected to each other. The facility is expected to be ready by February 2024.

Source: Municipality of Bologna

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