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Restaurants in Hamburg-Mitte District Allowed to Open Winter Terraces, Setting Example for City

As of: September 30, 2023 8:07 p.m

Restaurants and cafés in the Hamburg-Mitte district are now allowed to open their terraces in parts of the city in winter. The district wants to be a role model for the entire city. A look at the individual districts shows one thing above all: there are many different rules for outdoor catering in Hamburg.

Raj Singh runs an Italian restaurant in downtown Hamburg near Spitalerstrasse. And he’s busy. The warm temperatures still attract many people to the terrace of his restaurant in the pedestrian zone, even in early autumn. There is space for 80 guests. The fact that he can now open the terrace in winter is a relief for him: “We really have a lot of guests who just want to stop for a quick cappuccino and that of course brings more sales to the till.”

Joint resolution by the CDU, SPD and FDP

It is an exception that the coalition of CDU, SPD and FDP decided in the Hamburg-Mitte district. Normally the summer terraces there have to close at the end of October. However, where there are few residents, the terraces are now permitted until the end of February. Among other things, around the town hall and the Europapassage, on Jungfernstieg, near the main train station or on Spitalerstrasse. Timo Fischer, chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Hamburg-Mitte district, says: “We believe that gastro is a real engine for the revitalization of our streets and squares and is also fundamentally important for a lively city center.”

Restaurant operator Singh has gained more leeway as a result of the relaxation that has been decided: “We can employ more staff. We restaurateurs always have the problem: What do I do with my employees when the terrace closes? And this year, if the terrace remains, I even have to Don’t plan much.”

Restaurant association calls for uniform rules for Hamburg

Restaurants, pubs and cafés in Hamburg are struggling with inflation, energy costs and rising wages. Many companies are very worried about what is planned VAT increase from 7 percent back to the usual 19 percent. Opening the terraces in winter would be a help, says Jens Stacklies from the Dehoga Hotel and Restaurant Association, but: “It’s always so difficult to decide everything so individually from district to district. I would like to see such a big success. That’s what people say , release it, you can decide and the restaurateur can say to the district office, yes, I would like to use the terrace in my district in my district.”

Different rules for outdoor dining in districts

Different rules apply in the districts. In Wandsbek, Harburg and Bergedorf, terraces are allowed all year round. In Hamburg-Nord, however, only in summer. Eimsbüttel allows outdoor dining in winter in individual cases. And in Altona even parking bays can be used until at least the end of the year. The coalition in the Hamburg-Mitte district also finds it difficult to convey. FDP politician Fischer: “If a restaurateur sees that the shop two doors down is allowed a lot more because there is a district border running through the street, it’s very difficult to explain that to him or her. And that’s why we are “I am firmly convinced that we need an urban solution.”

Raj Singh would also welcome them. He is pleased that he can offer his guests a place outside, at least this winter.

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