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Residential Building Collapse in Elbronx: Transcript and Updates

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of the residential building that collapsed on Monday in Elbronx. We have follow-up and we have a good structure for its residents. >> the paintings of the grandchildren. the family painting. >> memories. >> it was the first thing I saw when I entered. >> a smile Bittersweet, there is no doubt, he has been left on the street, but for now he has saved the four of his family. She is one of 170 people who, despite the disaster, is alive to>> I never thought I would go through this. >> the seven-story building partially collapsed on Monday, leaving a 12-foot mountain of rubble to which they miraculously complained that the house seemed to collapse around it.>> they give you five years or six years without doing anything. It looks like queen in the corner, below. It was a miracle.>> Among the registered complaints, the buildings department denounces the unstable nature of the structure. you could hear it cracking and deteriorating from within. Another points out that it was overcrowded and that there were cracks in the walls. In 2020 a large number of cracks and other problems in the facade were reported. The building is 96 years old. Because it has more than six floors, they require expression every five. The last one determined the façade to be unsafe but, supposedly, it was not in danger. Therefore, according to wealthy publics, they were not pressed any further. Engineers recommend paying attention to water intrusion, sagging ceilings, and cracks that appear to expand in the walls. But he says that at least 25 members of his family made their home there. They are lucky enough to be welcomed by other close friends. But his neighbors have ended up in shelters, he says. so their stay in the hotels ran out.>> we have many relatives around who used to visit here.>> experts say that those who live in old structures, born in New York and poorly maintained, should learn from

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