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Resident Evil Village will be released on February 22, 2023 for PSVR2 – Gaming – News

Capcom and Sony have announced Resident Evil Village VR for the PlayStation VR2 headset. VR mode will be released as free DLC on February 22 for owners of Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition for PS5. This is the same launch date as PSVR2.

Thanks to the VR mode it will be possible to play the entire single player campaign of Resident Evil Village. The dlc will according to the developer take full advantage of the features of the PSVR2 headset, including 3D audio and the new PSVR2 Sense controllers. Sony will release the game’s VR mode in the summer of this year already announced. However, the Japanese company hasn’t given a release date back then.

Early November Sony announced that the PlayStation VR2 headset will be released on February 22, 2023. This successor to the PSVR goggles will cost $600. For that price, customers get the PS VR2 headset, two PS VR2 Sense controllers and a pair of stereo headphones. The new headset will have a higher resolution of 4000 x 2040 pixels, or 2000 x 2040 per eye. PS VR2’s OLED screen supports HDR and has a refresh rate of 90 or 120Hz.

The headset features reverse tracking, eliminating the need for external cameras. There are four built-in cameras that also track the controllers. Another improvement is that the field of view has been increased from 100 degrees with the original PSVR to 110 degrees with the new version. The controllers contain adaptive triggers and support haptic feedback.

Resident Evil Village VR mode

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