iPad: sales fall sharply in Europe, but Apple is still far ahead of Samsung

Sales ofiPad haven’t been looking good lately. The slack of the tablet from Apple had been confirmed in the last publication of results, IDC evaluating a drop in sales worldwide of more than 4%. According to Canalys, the situation would have deteriorated especially in Europe, where iPad sales would have fallen sharply over the period (-25%), which translates into a drop in orders of one million tablets. (nearly 4 million iPads sold in Europe in Q1 2021, nearly 3 million in Q1 2022). Despite this huge improvement, the iPad’s market share hardly changed (46% against 48% of Pdm last year), for the simple reason that the tablet market as a whole fell very heavily in Europe (-22%)!

This big warning shot isn’t enough to really close the gap between the iPad and its direct pursuers. Samsung may see its Galaxy tab sales increase by 4% in Q1, but the gap with Apple remains considerable (46% market share for Apple, 19% for Samsung). Note that the last manufacturers of the top five – Lenovo, Amazon and Microsoft – all earn a small point of Pdm.

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