Resentful?; Rial, again, spicy against America, launched: “The last one to turn off the light”

In the last hours, Jorge Rial took advantage of a wave of rumors about important resignations in America to launch a strong and heavy message against the channel that was his home for more than 20 years.

In detail, the former host of “Intrusos” published a spicy message on his networks for the alleged resignations of various figures of the channel. It is that, this week, it was said that Jey Mammón, Soledad Fandiño, Luis Novaresio and Alejandro Fantino would no longer be in charge of their respective programs during the year 2022.

Thus, Rial, who since leaving the channel has not stopped throwing arrows at its managers, shared a note from his news portal, Big Bang News, his news portal, which said: “Novaresio is leaving America and Fantino, too? The journalistic passes of December ”. And as if that were not enough, above that link the renowned journalist added: “The last one to turn off the light. The same @Edenor is not going to charge them ”.

It is worth noting that this message also had a hidden stick: remember that in the middle of the year, Fabián Doman left the leadership of “Intratables” to become the institutional director of Edenor (although he has also resigned from the aforementioned position), whose owners are Daniel Vila and José Luis Manzano, who also control América and Radio La Red, among other media. But the truth is that Rial generated an unusual stir in the networks.

“Not even the parrot will be left! Well done! “,” And how well they do “,” Did you fight with Daniel Vila? “,” Resentful “,” Didn’t they pay you compensation? ” They are leaving ”, and“ All the journalists who attack this government are leaving America ”, were some of the comments left to Rial by some of his followers on the spicy platform of the little blue bird.



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