“Reputation, qualifications, and personal interest not to conflict.” Conditions that must be met by those who conduct “medical and clinical research”

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The law regulating clinical medical research, which was approved by Parliament and published in the Official Gazette this week, defined the conditions, procedures and obligations of the researcher, which are:

1- He must fulfill all the academic qualifications of study, training and experience that enable him to assume the responsibility of managing medical research, and be familiar with the rules and ethics of scientific research and how to deal with patients.

2- He must be of good conduct and reputation.

3- He should not have been convicted of a felony or a freedom-restricting penalty for a crime involving dishonor or dishonesty, unless he has been rehabilitated.

4- His personal interest in conducting or completing the research should not conflict with the interest or safety of any of the participating respondents. All this is as indicated by the executive regulations of this law.

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