Representative of Federico Viñas admits contacts with European Clubs

The Eagles of the America they succeeded in an important way with the hiring of the Uruguayan attacker Federico Viñas, which with little sign, has surprised its own and strangers with its extraordinary football quality. That is why many fear that what has happened in the last transfer markets will happen again, that European clubs will look at it.

Although everything indicates that America will make the purchase option valid for him, everything indicates that Viñas and his representative are already thinking about making the jump to Europe. Daniel Gutierrez, player representative, confessed that they have already had polls with European clubs.

No one from Seville has been contacted, the reality is that yes, there is a willingness to work the player for the summer market in Europe. We are already establishing contacts with some European clubs, but we didn’t have any official communication from Sevilla

Daniel Gutiérrez (Representative of Federico Viñas)

In this way we realize that America You can go through the same situation that has suffered in the last transfer markets, because it has already become a custom that the clubs of the Old continent, look at players of the Azulcrema set.

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