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Representative Imam Challenges Recent Increase in Gasoline Prices: Briefing Request to Government

Kamel Kamel wrote Saturday, November 4, 2023 06:31 PM

Representative Abdel Moneim Imam, Secretary of the Plan and Budget Committee of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Justice Party, submitted a briefing request to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and the Minister of Finance, regarding the recent increase in gasoline prices.

Imam explained in his request that the government did not adhere to the law regulating the jurisdiction of the committee formed by Prime Minister Resolution No. 2764 of 2018, as it had the right to take the decision to raise prices or lower prices every three months in accordance with Article Two, and the automatic pricing mechanism is applied to petroleum products for delivery. The consumer, including value-added tax, with the exception of stoves and petroleum products used by the electricity and bakery sectors, as of the end of June 2019, after reaching the cost coverage, and that the selling price of these products in the local market will be reviewed as stated in Article One of this decision on The percentage of change in the consumer selling price, up and down, should not exceed (10% of the current selling price),

He continued: Despite this, the committee decided on Thursday, November 2, 2023, to increase the prices of gasoline 80 to 10 pounds from 8.75 pounds, gasoline 92 to 11.50 pounds from 10.25 pounds, and gasoline 95 to 12.50 pounds from 11.2 pounds, knowing that the percentage of increase that occurred It is approved as follows:

80- 14.3%

92- 12.2%

95- 8.7%

He continued: “In this way, you have exceeded the legal limit permitted in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, and we here request that we be informed of the feasibility of laws and decisions if they are not adhered to. This is an encroachment by the executive authority that has never happened before in modern history, and it destroys the rule of law. It also affects This decision directly impacts the Egyptian middle class, placing a huge burden on it, as the price of car rentals for mobile transportation applications will rise, and the price of shipping and home delivery will also rise.”

He said: “There are also about 4 million tuk-tuks operating in the streets of Egypt, running on 80 gasoline, and of course their fare will rise from 5 to 10 pounds per trip at the very least, which is equivalent to 20 to 40 million pounds, an increase leaking daily from the formal economy to The tuk-tuk economy, which the government has so far been unable to legalize or abolish, is even giving it opportunities to become a profitable project by raising gasoline prices.”

He continued: On the other hand, this increase will withdraw the cost of living allowance approved by the President of the Republic, as if it had not come, and the citizen will not feel it. On the contrary, he will think that the government is deliberately taking from him by the left what the President of the Republic granted by the right, and therefore even if the decision to increase Economically necessary, its timing is very bad at the political level.

Imam requested a response from the officials attending the council to discuss the briefing request, while examining the possibility of reversing this decision and reducing the price according to the permissible legal limit.

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