Obligation of masks in the new decree: here’s how to avoid a fine of up to 1,000 euros

Should I wear it if I am walking in an inhabited center?

Yes, whenever you are close to a non-cohabiting person. The text of the decree speaks of all outdoor places, when one is close to other non-cohabiting people.

Should I wear it if I am walking in an isolated area?

No, but you have to be ready to put it on if you meet other people.

If I stop on the street or in a square do I have to wear it?

Yes, the decree provides the obligation to wear it in all outdoor places except in cases where, due to the characteristics of the places or the factual circumstances, the condition of isolation from non-cohabiting people is continuously guaranteed.

What should i do if i take public transport?

At the stop and then to get on board you must always wear it.

If I go by car, do I have to wear it?

No, if you are alone or with relatives. Yes, yes, if you are carrying people on board, including family members but not cohabitants. The same goes for motorcycles.

How should I behave for other means of transport?

I don’t have to use it if I’m riding a bicycle or scooter.

If I do physical activity, do I have to use it?

No, both outdoors and indoors it should not be worn unless you can keep a distance of 2 meters from other people.

If I am in the office do I have to use it?

Yes, always mandatory indoors unless you are in the room alone

When should I use it at home?

If I stay at home with non-cohabiting people, it is not mandatory, but experts recommend using it especially if it is elderly or with pathologies.

If I go into stores, do I have to use it?

Yes, mandatory.

Should I use it in pubs and breweries?

Yes, in pubs, breweries and other places, the mask must always be worn and can be lowered when eating and drinking. Outside the premises – so if I take a glass or a sandwich outside – the same rules apply.

Do minors have to wear it?

S, mandatory from 6 years and up.

Do people with disabilities have to wear it?

Those who have pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the covering of nose and mouth and those who have the same incompatibility to act with them are exempt.

October 7, 2020 (change October 7, 2020 | 19:46)



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