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Report assault on fast food in Bayamón | Law

A stranger arrived at a Burger King located on PR-862 in Bayamón, to deliver a note to the cashier of the business and announce a robbery, in facts reported to the Police during yesterday afternoon.

According to the complainant, it was 2:00 in the afternoon when the assailant entered the business. The employee who was incredulous at the note that read “This is an assault give me the money”, described the assailant of brunette complexion, with white shirt, white cap and blue mahón.

The female gave him money from the cash register that added up to $ 115, product of the day’s sales. According to the victim, the man escaped in a white Kia Soul, whose tablet the investigative agents already have.

The Robbery Division of the Bayamón Criminal Investigation Corps took over the investigation.

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