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Remembering the Legacy of Rita Lee: Brazil’s Queen of Rock

Legendary Brazilian singer Rita Li, known as the Queen of Rock. Died at the age of 75 after battling lung cancer for two years.

Foreign news outlets reported on May 9, 2023 that Rita Lee’s family issued a statement confirming that This legendary Brazilian female singer deceased at her home in São Paulo with the entire family by her side at the age of 75.

The statement further stated that Lee was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021, and her fans were able to come and pay their respects at the public memorial. It will be held at the planetarium in São Paulo on Wednesday, May 10.

Rita Lee, who has been active in music for over 50 years, was the original member of Os Mutantes, one of Brazil’s most influential rock bands. She also has an album made with Tutti Frutti called ‘Fruto Proibido’ which is considered a classic of Brazilian music.

Lee’s work has led to her being often hailed as the “best of the best.” ‘Queen of Rock’, but she doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s a bit tacky. Lee wanted to be known as ‘Patron Saint of Freedom’ (Patron Saint of Freedom) more and many fans think. This title reflects her independent spirit even more.

Lee even joked about it in his autobiography. About the reaction people will have when they hear of her death. “I can only imagine the praises my haters could say…on social media. Some people will say, ‘Oh, I thought you were dead hahaha’.”

But Lee added that “Really enthusiastic will pick up my work Then sing Ovelha Negra.” Incidentally, Ovelha Negra, which means Black Sheep, is one of Lee’s many works. This reflects her desire to be herself. and enter the world of rock music At that time, there were only men

After news of Lee’s death was released, Brazilian President Lula da Silva tweeted his condolences. as well as praising Lee’s femininity. “With her creativity and guts, she helped transform Brazilian music,” she says. “She confronts masculine values ​​both in real life and in music. and has inspired generations of women in the world of music and art.”

Rita Lee is also known for her fearlessness of influencers. She became the main vocalist and composer of the group Tropicália, an artist movement that arose in the 60s to oppose the censorship and restriction of the arts under the rule of the “Tropicália”. Armed Forces in Brazil

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