Release Date Announced for “Dragon Among Us 8” at RGG Summit Fall 2023

Release Date Announced for “Dragon Among Us 8” at RGG Summit Fall 2023

Earlier, during the “RGG SUMMIT FALL 2023” held by SEGA before the Tokyo Game Show, the release date of “Dragon Among Us 8” was announced. The news was confirmed on stage by producer Masayoshi Yokoyama, and the release date is set for January 26, 2024.

“Dragon Among People 8” is from the perspective of Kasuga, looking for his mother who disappeared after birth. Until I received the news from Sawa Cheng’s father-in-law that my mother was still alive, so I set off for Hawaii. Later, because he was deceived, all his clothes, money, and passport were missing. He was stripped naked and thrown on the beach until Kazuma Kiryu appeared.

Kazuma Kiryu, who appeared with white hair, was suffering from illness at this time. Because he also had his own purpose, he followed him to Hawaii. Because of my illness, many things that I could do alone in the past cannot be done by myself now, but I have many friends who have always been there to help.

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