Rui Hachimura’s Potential Soars with Guidance from Phil Handy: A Look into His Future with the Lakers

Rui Hachimura’s Potential Soars with Guidance from Phil Handy: A Look into His Future with the Lakers

Hachimura continues to receive guidance from Phil Handy, and the current Hachimura has not yet reached his ceiling.

After entering the offseason, one of the priorities of the Los Angeles Lakers, who were swept in the Western Conference Championship last season, was to retain Rui Hachimura (Japanese: 八村塁/はちむらるい, English: Rui Hachimura). In fact, the summer vacation has just begun. The Lakers successfully completed three-year, $51 million, two-year, $37 million, and four-year, $56 million contract extensions with Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell, and Austin Reaves. In terms of average annual salary, Russell has the highest salary, followed by Hachimura. Reaves is the most cost-effective, but the contract length and total amount are exactly the opposite. Perhaps this is related to the team’s emphasis, or whether it is within the future blueprint planning.

Reaves, who was selected for the U.S. team, is almost second only to Anthony Davis and LeBron James in importance to the Lakers. Although physical fitness is not his strong point, his golf intelligence makes up for it. His decision-making ability as a ball handler also continues with experience. Improved, he also has the ability to move without the ball and shoot when he gets the ball, which is really suitable for a team with an aging LBJ who needs to retain his physical fitness; however, Hachimura, a Japanese citizen who was acquired from the Wizards in a trade, has a full 6-foot-8-inch wing The help for the No. 1 pick in the 2003 draft is also obvious, after all, it is now 2023! The rotation team’s wing strength at the beginning of last season was weak. Hachimura was LBJ’s first assistant on the wing, followed by Jarred Vanderbilt and summer signing Taurean Prince. LBJ’s little fuel must be preserved until the critical moment.

Hachimura will enter the NBA with the ninth overall pick in the 2019 draft. Some regular season statistics are listed as follows:

Season Team G TS% PER WS WS/48 2019-20 Wizard 48 .535 13.5 1.8 .060 2020-21 Wizard 57 .549 11.4 2.1 .056 2021-22 Wizard 42 .579 14.9 1.4 .073 2022-23 Wizard 30 .558 13.6 0.6 .038 2022-23 Lakers 33 .553 12.7 1.2 .081

Just when everyone was worried about Hachimura’s future with the Lakers, the Japanese’s performance in the playoffs showed that he “finally showed the potential that everyone expected!”

Season Team G TS% PER WS WS/48 2022-23 Lakers 16 .668 16.0 1.2 .146

Hachimura’s most intuitive feeling about the Lakers is that the team can finally field a larger lineup. AST% dropped from 8.8% in his rookie season to 4.4% during the Lakers period, and it was only 3.9% in the playoffs. To put it bluntly, he It’s a terminator’s style of play. It’s hard to say that the ball is basically knocked down when it is passed to his hands. Although the team awareness is not bad after three years of baptism with the Bulldogs of Gonzaga University, it is a pity that in addition to scoring, the Japanese Whether it is screening, blocking, frame protection, etc., his abilities are not excellent, which is why his BPM and VORP have not been positive within the 4 years of his rookie contract.

However, Hachimura’s real value comes in the playoffs. Let’s take a look at Hachimura’s scoring methods in the 2023 playoffs:

Season 2023 Playoffs Item / Playtype DIFFERENCE PPP Percentile Transition 23.0% 0.97 34.8% Pick & Roll Roll Man 7.0% 0.91 12.0% Post Up 10.1% 1.06 60.0% Spot Up 38.6% 1.49 95.2% Cut 8.2% 1.54 85.4%

Notes on nouns:

Transition: offensive and defensive transition; Pick & Roll Roll Man: pick-and-roll follow-up; Post Up: low-post singles; Spot Up: fixed-point shooting; Cut: empty-handed cut; FREQ (Frequency): frequency of use; PPP (Points Per Possession): every ball possession Average score; Percentile: percentile.

Basically, he is excellent at fixed-point shooting and air-cutting, but as mentioned before, his organizational skills are extremely poor, he is willing to run and switch, and he also has low-post offensive ability, but in all fairness, static talent is far better than dynamic talent, and his average explosive power leads to slow start when cutting. His dribbling ability is also incapable of breaking away, and his confrontational nature in the paint and his relatively abstract layup touch are not amazing. However, his tactical understanding is still there. Giving him a clear tactical positioning can obviously help Hachimura integrate more into the team. “Projection certainty“This is the basis for whether he can continue to stand firm in the Lakers’ rotation in the future,”defense” is his potential value in the future; the biggest problem with Hachimura’s defense at present is his shifting, or lateral steps. With his strong body, it is basically difficult for him to move up to defend the screen, but when he moves down to protect the frame and rebound His ability is also tested. Although DIFF is excellent, DBPM has been negative in the regular season for four years. However, because of his excellent wingspan of 7 feet and 2 inches, his defensive effect is not bad when facing powerful offensive players. Darvin Ham led by If the coaching staff develops a suitable assist defense system, it may increase Hachimura’s value.

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