Relationship Expert Says Travis Scott’s Instagram Posts About Kylie Jenner Reveal His True Priorities – Exclusive

Relationship expert and life coach Nicole Moore spoke with Nicki Swift exclusively about the significance of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s social media posts about each other. Moore explained, “Kylie and Travis post about each other so infrequently on social media that we have to assume that when they choose to post about the other person, it’s somehow important.”

Moore explained more about Jenner’s Instagram post to Scott on Father’s Day. The relationship expert said: “Kylie sees Travis as a great father. She sees it with ‘heart eyes’ and she wants the world to see it. Kylie shared a photo of Travis lying in bed with her two sons hugging him.” Moore added, “This image was 100% intended to induce an ‘awww, Travis is a great dad’ feeling in viewers. He highlights it in the best possible way, since there is nothing that makes a man seem more good on social networks ». to portray him as a good father.” But the Love Works Method founder noted that Scott’s Instagram post about Jenner couldn’t be more different.

Moore said, “Let’s contrast that with the image that Travis chose to share…and that’s an image of Kylie cooking, showing her from behind and highlighting her prominent rear. Her post was clearly about Kylie’s body and she was bragging about it.” But the relationship expert goes into deeper detail about what social media posts are saying about Jenner and Scott’s priorities.

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