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“Refuse vaccine during pregnancy, win a blender” – The Daily Standard

Eva van Zeeland, apparently also known as “Miss Natural Lifestyle”, has herself the anger from normally thoughtful Netherlands. This “fertility coach” together with blender producer Versapers is one campaign started to prevent expectant mothers from taking a vaccine during pregnancy. The prize you can win with this debile idea? A blender …

Without any expertise in the field of medicine, biology, pathology and blenders, she dares to set up a win promotion that encourages pregnant women not to get vaccinated in exchange for a blender. She not only risks the lives of those unborn children because of an “experiment” (which, if you read the conditions, looks suspiciously like a scam), but also the lives of other children and people in the environment of such a child.


Because yes, nice and nice that you want to start a discussion with “a nice action”, but this is about public health. If “Miss Natural Retard” and that blender company are wrong, then I am curious what they will do! Because an “oops, sorry!” Will not really be enough of an apology if a few of them get sick, light a daycare, cause an epidemic, and go out.

On the other hand you of course have a nice one (red, silver or fuck you with your preference if that color is no longer available) blender. It costs a few dead children but you also have something!

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