“Reflections on Franjieh’s Assassination and the Decline of Current Affairs in Rami Naim’s Speech on Al-Rai and Al-Khawaref: An Urgent Call for Calmness.”

“spot shot”

Journalist Rami Naim indicated that “there is a problem with Hezbollah’s weapons, which are used inside Lebanon and not to fight Israel.”

In an interview with “Spot Shot” via “Point of View”, Naim said: “There is no possibility for a sovereign state in Lebanon in light of the presence of the party’s weapons,” and stressed that the issue of Lebanon has not yet been addressed in the Iranian-Saudi negotiations.

He added, “We will not hear other speeches about anti-Saudi Arabia, the protective heads of Nasrallah and the descent of Setbard.”

Naim continued, “According to my data, Suleiman Franjieh’s option was abandoned in the Saudi-French meeting, and he became out of the game, and our problem with him is on the political level.”

And he added, “The French wanted Najib Mikati. A short time ago, they told him that he had been abandoned and he is now upset, and the lawsuits filed against him in Monaco have affected.”

Naim indicated that “Franjieh’s candidacy was announced during the settlement period with the aim of withdrawing it, and in return Moawad’s candidacy will be withdrawn towards another candidate.”

He continued, “Franjieh is not a provocative candidate for many Lebanese, and he is in contact with the forces and their relationship is excellent.”

He believed that “Joseph Aoun is not the Americans’ candidate for the presidency, and no one can trust him, and his strength is that he is not in the party’s pocket.”

In another context, he said: “The shepherd went to Khawaref to Bkerki, and no one said we do not want to go to the day of “spiritual seclusion,” just as Gebran Bassil burned Archbishop Abu Najm, who was a patriarch’s project.

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Naim stressed that “Gebran Bassil wants Gebran Bassil to be president. Yesterday, the resurrection took place against Representative Asaad Dergham because he nominated Alain Aoun, and a campaign against him took place from the bullying of Gebran Bassil.”

He explained, “Now Aoun, Ibrahim Kanaan, Simon Abi Ramia, Elias Bou Saab and Assaad Dergham are still in the bloc out of respect for Michel Aoun, and none of them considers Gebran Bassil to be his president.”

And Naim asserted that “Gebran Bassil ended and became past and burned.”

Regarding the interrogation of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, he pointed out that “the European judiciary protects Riad Salameh with what he is doing today and takes him as a bait for corrupt politicians as a whole.”

Naim stressed that “Salama has all the information about the corrupt in Lebanon and Gibran is one of them, but is it required that he expose them or tame them? This we do not know. In my opinion, the issue is bigger than the presidency.”

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