Rediscovering Happiness: Joao Félix’s Journey from Atlético to Barcelona

Rediscovering Happiness: Joao Félix’s Journey from Atlético to Barcelona

His last name almost says it, but Joao Félix is ​​a happy man right now. The Portuguese has landed with both feet in Barcelona, ​​where He has accumulated three goals in his last two games dressed as a Barça player. And his emotional state is not only reflected in the numbers, but in the non-verbal language he gives off. The Portuguese has smiled again and you can see him enjoying himself on the pitchsomething that he had lost at Atlético de Madrid and that already led him to sign for Chelsea last January.

The attacker does not hide the lack of adaptation he had to the demands of his now former coach Simeone, with whom he did not understand and which caused him to announce with great fanfare in the summer his desire to sign for Barça. “Football is like that, whoever is bad has to change places. I have done it before for Chelsea and I have done it now for Barcelona because nor I was good there, I didn’t adapt to the ideas of the club and the coach, but I have always tried to do the best I could and I have had very good times there too,” explains Félix in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

It is not the first time that the Portuguese international charges against the Argentine coach. He did it when he arrived on loan to Chelsea during the last winter market. “It was difficult to get used to the way of playing. I left because my head was already full of trying so much and not being able to. “I spent a lot of time defending”, he then pointed out. This Tuesday, after the win against Antwerp, he once again threw another dart at the Argentine.

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“As you say, I’m happy. The atmosphere in the team is fantastic, it’s a demanding club. The way to get there is simple, one or two touches. Sometimes what seems simple is more complicated. Defending combinations is more complicated for the opponent than for a single player to take it and go against 1,2,3″commented the Portuguese in a clear combination between both styles.

Felix made a great effort. to play for Barcelona this season, something that he does not hide and that he does not regret, and that is that he has now enjoyed football again. “I gave up a significant amount of money from my salary. But hey, I needed to change, I needed to go to a place where I could practice my soccer and as I have said, I always believed that this would be the ideal place.. Things are going well and I had to make that effort to have joy playing again, confirm.

His wish is to stay at the Barça club for a long time., but he knows that to do so he must demonstrate to Xavi and the board that he is worthy of making an effort for him. Let us remember that the agreement was a simple transfer, with no purchase option at the end of the season, so if Barça wants to keep him, they will have to negotiate with Atlético de Madrid.

“Well, for me it depends on how the season ends. Afterwards, Barcelona is the one who has to negotiate with Atleti and that depends after Atleti, if they want to make things easier or not. But those are business things, values, which I don’t get involved in. I do my job on the field, I try to do my best so that they want to sign me in the end and that thing about values, whether I go or not go or for how much, doesn’t suit me,” says Félix.

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