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Red Bull’s RB20 Single-Seater Emerges as Top Favorite for 2024 Season

Before the start of the new season, the favorite is clear. Although we did not expect Red Bull to choose such a path when it completely ditched the single-seater concept that won 21 of the 22 Grand Prix last year, but the end justifies the means and the technical department led by Adrian Newey confirmed that it is not conservative. The three days of tests presented by Red Bull went smoothly and the RB20 with Max Verstappen on board is clearly the biggest favorite for the 2024 season.

Even if there is no agreement among the experts who is the closest pursuer of Red Bull, there is a unanimous belief that the fastest single-seater in Bahrain was the RB20. The fact that Ferrari was the fastest on the second and third day didn’t change anything.

Max Verstappen he was satisfied after the three-day tests in Bahrain, and so were the representatives of his team. “Today our plan was not to focus on a clear lap time. I think it was more important to do race simulations and understand the car better.” stated the Dutch racer after the end of the third day of tests.

“We’ve been focusing on our program and honestly everything is looking pretty positive. I am satisfied with the car and its behavior. Before the start of the competition weekend, it will be fine-tuning the balance and overall conditions,” he added Verstappen.

Everyone says that Red Bull is the fastest and biggest favorite before the start of the season, that is, except for the representatives of Red Bull themselves. Even Max gave an evasive answer to this question, or to the topic of his team’s closest pursuers. “I don’t think about it much. I only care about us and our program.”

“Obviously we have a lot of work to do and you want to improve every time, but I think these were positive tests and we learned with every change to the car. At the same time, we know what we want to do next weekend and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on.” he stated Verstappen.

The old RB19 single-seater won almost everything there was to win. It seems the RB20 could have similar ambitions. Does Max think that the RB20 will also work on different types of circuits and in different conditions? “Only time will tell. I can’t answer that at the moment.” he said with a smile Verstappen.

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