recovery phase for Taurus, still tensions for Sagittarius and Pisces

Paolo Fox, as every week he studied the planets to tell what will happen in weekend to the various zodiac signs. The Astologist focused on the fields of love, work and luck focusing on the days of Saturday and Sunday. Here are the forecasts of thehoroscope.

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ARIES. They will be days of great excitement, it will be necessary to indulge in a little relaz. Over the weekend you can slowly find your inner serenity.

TORO. Those born of the sign will feel stronger and more energetic. The relationships that arise in this period are important. At work do not despair, the results will come.

GEMINI. they can make it clear what they want. They are experiencing a business recovery. A nervous and unromantic day tomorrow. They will have to face a discussion at work.

CANCER. Try to organize something stimulating. The weekend will be full of insights and will also lead to lucky encounters.

LEONE. Some Leos may experience special options. You are experiencing a special but not very profitable period, try to avoid complications and you will soon overcome uncomfortable situations.

VIRGIN. Try not to make hasty decisions. A good time for love begins on Saturday, but move with caution.

WEIGHT SCALE. Lack of concentration on work due to a dissonant moon. Try to avoid unnecessary discussions.

SCORPIO. Positive days from a sentimental point of view. There is some problem to be solved, but solutions are on the way.

SAGITTARIO. Venus continues to be opposite, someone will risk having to argue. In general, a recovery phase begins, try not to overdo it.

CAPRICORN. It is not always easy to find a balance and this weekend you will realize it. Good opportunities at work.

AQUARIUM. Those in a couple will have to try to avoid unnecessary discussions. They will be days full of tension, some will not know how to manage their energy.

FISHES. Those in a couple will have to be cautious. Venus is opposite, but the stars are favorable for those who have experienced problems.

Last update: Friday 9 October 2020, 13:09



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