Viewers are annoyed by Angela de Jong in Op1

Of rather outspoken opinion diva sat there for a Golden Televizier Ring Gala afterthought (check the winners and losers here), but that’s not at all what viewers raved about. That moment came when she briefly broke into a conversation between OMT member and pediatrician Károly Illy and economist Robin Fransman, who both advocated a long-term corona strategy with more freedom for young people.

‘Annoy me to death’

Traffic is more dangerousRobin said of young people for whom the coronaviruscompletely harmlessHe pleads for schools and courses to be kept open as much as possible. That went down the wrong way for Angela. “That’s not true at all, is it? “she began. “Yes, sorry, I’m really annoyed. This is exactly what has been annoying me on television for ages and I really want your speaking time and I mean I’m also one of those 17 million virologists I’ve been to. death to worse, but we now know from studies that not all young people get sick from it, but that if they get sick, that the consequences are sometimes very bad and six months later they are even fatally tired? heart and their lungs?

‘Virologist De Jong’

Children and young adults rarely get as sick as Angela says, emphasizes pediatrician Károly Illy. “They are really exceptions when getting as sick as you describe.And economist Robin thinks she’s been overly influenced by social media. ”JYou are really misinformed. That heart damage and lung damage in young people: it is extremely rare. It really hasn’t been proven.“Angela was not satisfied.”Yes, even though it’s very rare, I don’t want it to happen to my kids“, she reasoned. It even earned her the name ‘virologist De Jong’ from presenter Jort Kelder.

Angry reactions

Viewers at home are typing out their frustrations en masse on Twitter. Here are some of the annoyances:

Yet Angela also got some supporters. Not everyone thought her reasoning was bullshit.

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