Record Videos Like Making Movies with Director’s View on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Jakarta – In a Global Web Index survey involving nearly 4,000 people in the United States and Britain with an age range of 16-64 years, it shows 51 percent of the Gen Z generation and 44 percent of millennials watch video online since the pandemic hit.

This shows that video has become one of the most popular content in the digital age as it is today.

Understanding these conditions, Samsung strives to create an experience using a smartphone camera that is capable of producing professional results while still making it easy for users.

The latest innovation presented by Samsung is the Director’s View feature on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. This feature allows users to determine the best video capture mode at every moment, so that the story that is told on the video becomes more memorable.

With Director’s View, users can determine which lens to use to record video while providing a view of each available shooting angle. According to the press release Tekno received, Tuesday (2/2/2021).

That way, users can freely and easily choose whether to use a telephoto, wide, or ultra wide lens to take pictures.


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