who created the forum, which became the center of the rebellion of traders, and for what he was expelled from there

Expulsion of the creator

Rogozinski was determined to find out how flexible Reddit’s rules would be. Last year, he published WallStreetBets: How the Boomers Created the World‘s Largest Millennial Casino and began organizing a multi-day trader’s tournament with 12 players and thousands of viewers. Hiring large corporate sponsors to raise the prize pool, he planned to give a million dollars to whoever turns the initial $ 25,000 into the largest amount within a couple of days. He promoted the tournament and his book on the WallStreetBets forum, violating Reddit rules that prohibit moderators from monetizing their communities. Reddit banned him from further moderating WallStreetBets and closed access to the entire platform for seven days. Rogozinski has not denied any of the allegations, but believes Reddit would not have punished him if the group of WallStreetBets users who helped run the platform hadn’t complained to Reddit about his sponsored posts. He called it “internal rebellion.” One of the current leaders of WallStreetBets, when asked to comment on this story, sent Forbes a link to a recently published post on Reddit about Rogozinski, written by an anonymous forum member. In this post Rogozinski is jokingly described as follows: “The founder is bad, the founder is greedy, so he was banned for being greedy. And now that the thread has become popular again, it is greedy again. “

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