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Record-breaking Organ and Tissue Donations in Jaén Province in 2023


In 2023, the province of Jaén has registered a total of 15 organ and tissue donations, which have made it possible to improve or save the lives of 62 people. The donations have taken place at the Jaén University Hospital (13), Linares Hospital (1) and Andújar Hospital (1). The Transplant Coordination is grateful for the work carried out by all the groups and social agents involved in the organ donation process, both patient associations and the media, magistrates, coroners, health professionals, police or civil guard, among others, since they contribute to creating a climate favorable to donation. “This act of solidarity makes it possible for people who need an organ or tissue to continue their lives, in addition to offering them greater quality in their daily lives, so we especially appreciate the solidarity of the families who have accepted the donation of their loved one”, indicated the provincial coordinator of transplants in Jaén, Francisco Javier Brea, who pointed out that the donation acceptance rate in the province of Jaén has been 75% during the past year. “We will continue to inform family members and the general population about the importance of donating organs and tissues, since this generous contribution allows us to advance in this field and in especially sensitive situations for the life of a family and for the patients involved.” The Jaén University Hospital has a Jaén Transplant Coordination team with four members, María Guerrero, Luis Yaguez, the Medical Coordinator, Juan Francisco Brea, and Nursing Coordinator, Javier Moya. These are two Intensive Medicine professionals. The Transplant Coordination team at the Jaén University Hospital is in charge of organizing and carrying out the extraction of donated organs and tissues, in addition to informing relatives about this possibility, and carrying out information campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of being a donor. . This growth in donation and transplant activity is due to the generosity of the population of Andalusia and the important effort made by the professionals of the transplant coordination network, who in 2023 have incorporated specific donation programs into end-of-life care. life, as well as the donation of corneas in cancer patients in whom, due to their illness, the donation of organs or other tissues is not possible. The objective is to normalize tissue donation in any end-of-life scenario for patients admitted to Andalusian hospitals and, in this sense, a pioneering quality program has been developed in the field of tissues at an international level.

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