Recognition act for blood donors from Amasa-Villabona, Zizurkil and Aduna

The blood donors from Amasa-Villabona, Zizurkil and Aduna included in the Oria Bajo delegation of the Gipuzkoa Blood Donors Association held yesterday at noon the medal ceremony for donors from the three 2020 municipalities, which had to be postponed due to the health situation.

The ceremony to thank their 25, 40, 50 and 75 extractions made in their career as donors took place in the City Hall. Before that, dantzaris from the local dance group Oinargi offered an aurresku of honor to the honorees. In total, a group of ten people received the recognition that the delegation offers for having carried out a certain number of extractions: seven people have donated blood 25 times, one has done it 40 times, another has done 50 extractions and a last person has done 75 extractions. Each and every one, in addition to the badge of the corresponding color and a diploma, received a box of Hika Txakolindegia bottles.

The mayor Beatriz Unzue and the mayor of Social Services, Arantxa López, joined in the recognition and the mayor thanked, on behalf of the entire municipality, “all those who have been and are donating blood for many years. Our society owes you a lot. Thanks to your blood you have saved the lives of many people and that is to be proud of. And since tomorrow Monday is the day of international blood donors, congratulations from all loa amasa-villabonatarras ».

Remember that the donation of blood in the locality is every two months. On the last Fridays of even-numbered months, blood can be donated at the Cine Gurea de Villabona exhibition hall, from 4.30 to 8.30 p.m. It is essential to make an appointment by calling the phone number 943-007.888.



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