Receive the frequency of the new Aljadeed 2020 channel in January on the Nilesat satellite, and follow the most important events in Lebanon

Now the frequency of the new channel 2020, which means that the Lebanese world will witness more of everything that is better and clearer in terms of the image, after the channel published several different frequencies to increase the clarity of the image, as well The channel is currently carrying out its mission to provide all the best in the world of favorite and popular media programs, depending on the ordinary Lebanese viewer.

The frequency of the new Lebanese channel, we present it to you through our dawn news website, with all the details of setting the new frequency via satellite, which was changed with the start of the new year 2020.

Many are looking for the frequency of the new Lebanese channel 2020, as frequency indicators on the satellite were changed during the beginning of this month, so we updated all the new frequencies to be tuned to the receivers.

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During the last period at the beginning of January, the change that came on the frequency of the Lebanese channel Al-Jadid appeared. We present it to all of our followers to immediately change it through all the different receivers, so that the modern frequency is available to them.

The event program on the new channel
The event program on the new channel

The frequency of the new channel 2020 Lebanese

The channel can be followed on its new frequency, which is located on the Nilesat satellite, the frequency of the polarization is 12130 vertical.

The new frequency of the Lebanese channel “aljadeed tv” on Nilesat and satellites

  • Channel name: Lebanese New Channel

  • Date of establishment: 2001

  • Channel owner: Tahseen Al-Khayat

  • The official headquarters of the new channel: Beirut “Lebanon”

The frequency of the Lebanese new channel, Nilesat, al jadeed Frequency nilesat
Hesitation polarization Coding


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The new channel without stopping

As the new Lebanese channel has created a new service that benefits viewers and the enjoyment of more, it is about providing the channel for direct viewing but not only on TV, but it can also be on the internet, where you will find the programs of the new Lebanese channel available in it, And you will not find it stopping or encoding, dear reader, and that will be exclusive only on the official website of the new channel

Programs of the new Lebanese channel 2020

The channel is distinguished by offering a package of the best new and distinctive programs for it, which are different programs in terms of what you are offering, for example:

You start at the beginning of the day with the morning newscast program, then the event program, and you also have a forgiveness program, my grandchildren program and me, and I know your enemy, the forbidden, the Star Wars program and the White House program.

The channel is also distinguished by its presentation of special, exclusive and exclusive documentaries, and it is not only limited to this, but it also displays funny videos for viewers.

Lebanese new channel

The channel works to provide all the scenes that attract the viewer with entertaining content such as movies and series, which a large number of followers tend throughout the day without encoding or cutting.

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