This year’s “Golden Microphone” nominees have been announced

Yesterday, January 12, last year’s domestic performers were announced, who have been nominated in the 17 categories of this year’s Music Record Award “Golden Microphone” – among the leaders the group “Brainstorm”, “Other Boys” and the singer “Boo”.

This year, for the 26th time, the Music Record of the Year Award for the best music of last year will be presented. The glorious award ceremony will take place on February 26 and will have the opportunity to be watched on TV3,, as well as on the next generation television Go3.

More than 500 entries have been submitted this year: 165 albums; 37 debut albums; 149 songs; 134 videos; 20 concert videos and 22 album designs!

“It is very welcome that the musicians continue to create and record despite the extreme conditions. heart for the many recordings and artists who have not made it to the list of nominees, but who deserve it, but I am happy for the highlights and the highest marks of the jury – a lot of new names and, of course, all the beloved music grandiques. opinion in the poll “Song of the Year of Elvi”, voting for your favorites on Thank you to all the media that support the “Golden Microphone” and play Latvian music! ” its “Golden Microphone” producer Elita Milgrave

The popular vote “Song of the Year of ELVI” put forward:

  • Where God’s sleigh glides – Brainstorm, Folk Girls
  • In airplane mode – Astro’n’out
  • Feels – Brainstorming
  • I started from the beginning – Būū
  • Signature – Tools
  • Shaman – Aija Andrejeva, ZeBrene
  • Patch – Singapore satin, Samanta Tina
  • It is written in heaven – Don
  • Limousine on Crete – Other boys
  • Take my place – Suddenlights, ANNNA

The category “Jazz or funk music album” includes:

  • Deniss Pashkevich & Mikko Gunu Karjalainen Quintets – Reflections
  • Knudsen/Rudzinskis Space Big Band – SPACE BIG BAND
  • Kristaps Vanadzinsh Trio – THE LOVE GARDEN HAS OVERGROWN
  • Latvian Radio Big Bands, The Sound Poets – Latvian Jazz Suite IV | Latvian Jazz Suite IV
  • Very Cool People – 50 Years Of Influence + 30 Years Of Cool Equals
  • 13 Years Of Music Hooliganism

The category “Electronic or dance music album” includes:

  • Brimstone – Brimstone vein
  • Kaspars Niklasons – T elpa s_01
  • Oriole – 1989
  • Rick Feds – Future Human
  • Urbanstep – STAGES

The Hip Hop Music Album category includes:

  • BUSH – Putni
  • Edwords – Ecosystems
  • Eliots – Stupid Reps
  • Kurt – In time
  • Singapore Satin – STONKS

The category “Indie or Alternative Music Album” includes:

  • DZ – DZ
  • Evija Webere – HOW
  • Lorete Medne – Ten times about her
  • Don’t go – Here
  • Recently – It will be a long time

The category “Instrumental or Interdisciplinary Music Album” includes:

  • Artūrs Skrastiņš, Intars Busulis, Andris Keišs, Jānis Šipkēvics,
  • Jānis Aišpurs, Kaspars Znotins – Ziedonis. Bear. Men.
  • Kārlis Auzāns – Emilija. Queen of the Latvian Press
  • Rihards Lībietis Orchestra – Willful Blindness
  • Valters Pūce, Simfonietta Riga musicians, Riga Dome Boys’ Choir – Bedre (The Pit) Soundtrack
  • Vladislav Nastavshev, Toms Aunins – Bloodshed

The category “Country or hit music album” includes:

  • Ineta Rudzite – Memories, or who are you?
  • Peace in the winds – Life is beautiful
  • In the Winds of Peace – Here are our roots and meadows of hope
  • Sandris Dubovs – Signs of Fate
  • Sixth Mile – River

In the category “Music album for children” are:

  • Knīpas and Knauķi – Hedgehog pot. Under the fungus.
  • Knīpas un Knauķi, Rūta Dūduma – Ķirse, Laura Štoma, Jānis Šipkēvics – Emotion researchers
  • Laura Polence – What’s missing? What happened?
  • Lauris Reiniks, Rūta Reinika-Preisa, Sofija Timma – Ričijs Rūs give a concert
  • Pigorins – Pigoros Pigoroja

In the category “Pop music album” are:

  • Būū – Album
  • Carnival Youth – Naivais ku -kū
  • Other boys – Dogs take to the streets
  • Brainstorm – A year without a calendar
  • Riga Fashion – True Intentions

The category “Rock or metal music album” includes:

  • Felix Kigelis – Conscience
  • Inokentijs Mārpls – The dice are thrown
  • N0Tinghila – Striving for glow and sore silence. Tales for adults
  • Nova Koma – I’m not angry
  • Pink Fluids – A Quick One Before The Mantis Gets You

The category “Folk or World Music Album” includes:

  • Ance Krauze, Raimonds Pauls – Sasala Merina
  • Auli – All around
  • Nature Concert Hall – Invasivus
  • Ilgis – We have nine bales
  • Callers – In Nature

The “Debut” category includes:

  • Būū – Album
  • Other boys – Dogs take to the streets
  • Emilija Jermola – in August
  • Lorete Medne – Ten times about her
  • Rick Feds – Future Human

The “Video” category includes:

  • Carnival Youth – Tin Soldiers
  • Evija Vēbere and ansis – A good dog
  • Brainstorming – Feels
  • Ralfs Eilands pied.Edavārdi – PEACE
  • Zebrene and Aija Andrejeva – Shaman

The category “Concert recording videos” includes:

  • Nature Concert Hall – Naturkonzerthalle 2021 Lathyrus pratensis
  • Nature Concert Hall – Nature Concert Hall – Invasivus
  • Tools – Tools. “Beautifully strange” on Mežaparks stage
  • Brainstorm – A year without a calendar
  • Saulkrasti Choir ANIMA (conductor Laura Leontjeva), Kristaps Krievkalns,
  • Kārlis Kazāks, instrumental group – Miķelis Vīte, Armants Treilihs,
  • Andis Klučnieks, Kristjans Krievkalns – Excited on the shore

The following are in the “Song” category:

  • Astro’n’out – Airplane mode
  • Būū – I started from the beginning
  • Don – It’s written in heaven (Milky Way)
  • Brainstorm, Folk Girls – Where God’s sleigh glides
  • Zebrene and Aija Andrejeva – Shaman

The album “Classical or choir music” includes:

  • Kremerata Baltica. Marģeris Zariņš – Kremerata Baltica, Ieva Parša – mezzo-soprano, Aigars Reinis – organ, Andris Veismanis – conductor
  • Imants Kalniņš: Complete Symphonies & Concertos – “Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, State Academic Choir” “Latvia”, Atvars Lakstīgala – conductor, Māris Sirmais – conductor, Marta Sudraba – cello, Pēteris Endzelis – oboe “
  • Ivanov Symphonies Nos. 15 & 16 – Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
  • Aeternum – State Academic Choir “Latvia”, conductor Maris Sirmais
  • VOX CLARA – SCHOLA CANTORUM RIGA, Guntars Prānis & Ieva Nīmane

In the “Best Album Design” category:

“Sonic Seometry: Structures, Patterns and Forms”

Album design by Edgars Ameriks


Author of the album design: Raitis Kalniņš

“Dogs take to the streets”

Album design authors: Artist – Renāte Saulīte, Design – Dita Bērziņa


Album design authors: brother Y / artist Ivo Grundulis

Album design authors: Terēze Strādniece, Maija Kuzņecova, Eduards Gorbunovs


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