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Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder believes the franchise could continue to grow until a sixth film

“Rebel Moon (Part Two): The Warrior Who Leaves Marks” resumes the epic saga of Kora and the warriors who have survived. At this point, they are willing to sacrifice everything and fight with the brave inhabitants of Veldt to defend what was once a peaceful village and is now a new home for those who lost theirs in the fight against Homeworld. On the eve of battle, the warriors confront their own past and reveal their reason for fighting. As the full force of the Kingdom falls on the budding rebellion, unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge, and legends are born.

Zack Snyder’s agreement with Netflix has not only allowed him to carry out very personal projects with great creative freedom, but it has also given him the possibility of creating an entire brand around him. After kicking off with Army of the Dead (2021), a film that gave rise to multiple spin-off productions, the filmmaker is now concentrating on expanding the universe of Rebel Moon, his space epic inspired by Star Wars.

Although the second film titled Rebel Moon: The Scargiver has just landed in the Netflix catalog, there is a good chance that this franchise will only grow. As part of the promotion of this new installment, the director acknowledged that he has already been working on a film that will continue the story of Kora and the team. However, the director considers that it could go beyond a simple trilogy.

“We absolutely have the story for Rebel Moon 3 prepared, we have done all that work. We wrote a treatment for the movie, so we’ll see how we move forward,” Snyder said. “I guess a total of 4 makes sense, 4 or 6 movies. The question is whether every time we make one of these films we make them in pairs. “We were talking about it the other day and I was wondering if the public would be disappointed if they only received a Rebel Moon movie,” he concluded.

Sofía Boutella plays Kora, one of the protagonists of Rebel Moon

At the moment, Netflix has not made the announcement of more continuations official. Even so, the director has already stated repeatedly that Rebel Moon was conceived as a massive intellectual property. Among his plans is the possibility that his universe will continue to expand not only through cinema, but through other formats such as comics, video games, an animated series and a possible spin-off.

Rebel Moon: The Warrior Who Leaves Marks continues the epic story of Kora (Sofia Boutella) and the group of survivors as they prepare to sacrifice whatever it takes to defend their own, in the face of an imminent war. According to Zack Snyder, this installment will essentially be a war film, which aims to redouble the bet of its predecessor, both in scale and in action sequences.

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