Realme 7 Pro price, specifications and technological advancements SuperDart Charge can be activated in just 3 minutes

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COMInternet users began to sneak out of curiosity Prices for Realme 7 Pro specifications And Realme 7 specifications.

Many of the high-tech Realme 7 cellphones that come to Indonesia are curious about their advantages over similar products.

Here’s the CV Realme 7 specifications Summarized by from various sources.

Realme is again preparing a surprise by introducing Indonesia to the Pro series which has been known as the mainstay of the young Realm 7 Pro.

Realme 7 Pro will be presented on October 14 as the smartphone with the fastest delivery in Indonesia and provides revolutionary functions, especially in the shipping area for young people in Indonesia.

“Our team is proud to announce today the launch of realme 7 Pro with 65W SuperDart Charge in Indonesia on October 14 via live broadcast. We are very proud to present Realme 7 Pro with all the new things in the Pro number series to offer a best-in-class smartphone experience, ”said Palson Yee, Marketing Director of realme Indonesia.

Realme 7 Pro is the latest flagship release that young people in Indonesia have been waiting for. It will be launched on October 14th and will bring the # 3MinsChargingEnough fast charging solution to all smartphone users in Indonesia.

Realme 7 Pro brings the latest fast charging technology, SuperDart Charge 65W which only charges 3 minutes.

This battery capacity helps users to track various activities for a long time.

Apart from Realme 7 Pro, Realme will also launch Realme C17 with “solid memory, super screen” with support for 6GB + 256GB memory as the largest memory configuration in its class.

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