Real Madrid player Doyan Assist Heel: First Guti, Now Benzema


Assistance from Karim Benzema’s heel again became a conversation after the victory of Real Madrid. Actually, this kind of assist has often been done long ago.

Madrid won 1-0 over Espanyol on Monday (6/29/2020) early morning hrs by Casemiro’s goal at the end of the first half. The goal was created thanks to a heel assist from Benzema.

Although overshadowed by an opposing player, Benzema can still kick the ball with his heel and cross between the legs before being copied by Casemiro into the net of Diego Lopez.

The goal was then praised by citizens especially Madrid fans who were happy to see the victory of his team. Because Madrid now tops the standings with a two-point advantage over Barcelona in second place.

Related to these goals, Madrid actually has often done it first and Guti Hernandez became the architect, not just once but twice. The first was when Guti gave a heel assist to Zinedine Zidane against Sevilla in 2006.


After that Guti did it again in 2010 when Madrid faced Deportivo La Coruna. At that time, Guti provided backheel assists for Benzema’s goal.


“I think Karim is the best. The latest is yes. It’s a matter of dynamic and extraordinary team movements, Sergio heading, Karim controlling it, and heel bait. Then Casemiro knows that Karim can attract defenders. It is really a wonderful team goal,” Zidane said, as quoted by ESPN.

“We know that Karim is an impressive player and he shows it in every game … Players can develop at any time and that is what happened to Karim. He is again at the golden age, around 32 or 33. If you look at what he is doing right now “That’s the best time as a player,” he continued.

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