Reaction from Guterres to Israel: I condemn!

UN Secretary-General Guterres answered journalists’ questions at the UN building in New York. Answering the question “Are your condemnations in your statements targeting Israel?*, Guterres replied, “The condemnation covers all the use of extreme violence, and in this case it was Israel who used extreme violence.” he said.

Guterres said the Israeli air and ground attacks on a crowded refugee camp constituted the worst violence in the West Bank in recent years, adding that the impact on civilians was huge.


Noting that hospitals, schools, and water and electricity infrastructures were damaged, Guterres underlined that people in need were prevented from reaching medical aid.

“I once again call on Israel to exercise its responsibilities under international law and to restraint. Israel must use proportionate force and protect human life.” he said.


Noting that air strikes should not be carried out in security operations, Guterres said, “Although I understand Israel’s security problems, I would like to state that escalating tensions is not the solution. Violence leads to radicalization and further bloodshed.” used the phrases.

Guterres said that reassuring the Palestinian people within the framework of the political process will also contribute to Israel’s security.

“I condemn all acts of violence and terrorism targeting civilians,” Secretary-General Guterres said. said.


In a written statement made by the Palestinian Council of Ministers, it was stated that a damage assessment report was prepared by the government within the scope of the reconstruction works of the Jenin Refugee Camp, which was exposed to Israeli attacks.

It was stated in the statement that the report was examined by the committee convened under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammed ştiyya, and it was stated that as a result of the attacks, 4 buildings in Jenin were completely destroyed and 25 buildings were moderately and heavily damaged.

Emphasizing that 250 houses as well as 150 public and private facilities were partially damaged in Jenin, which was attacked by Israel, it was also noted that a mosque in Jenin was also damaged.

In the statement, it was stated that an area for the cemetery should be allocated in the region as well as emergency aid to the families who were displaced from their homes, and it was emphasized that the urgent needs of the Jenin State Hospital should also be met.

Prime Minister İştiye, whose words were included in the statement, said, “We will mobilize our resources with all our partners to compensate our people in the city of Jenin and the Jenin Refugee Camp.” said.

Istiyya pointed out that the people of the region resisted the barbaric attacks of Israel that resulted in the destruction of infrastructure, homes and facilities, as well as killing, arresting and forcing innocent people to migrate.

Prime Minister İştiye noted that they have formed a technical team to meet the urgent needs of the residents of the region damaged by the attacks and to follow the reconstruction process.

İştiye stated that the technical team in question will work in coordination with the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees Agency (UNRWA) and international partners.

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