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Rapper Kanye West, who intends to run for US president, suffers from bipolar disorder, according to his wife | World

New York American celebrity Kim Kardashian West said on Wednesday that her husband, rapper Kanye West, suffers from bipolar disorder. West’s behavior recently attracted attention, announcing, among other things, that he intends to run in the US presidential election. Kardashian asked the public for “compassion and understanding.”

As the Californian daily The Mercury News recalled, West held an event in Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday, which he described as the first meeting of the election campaign. But his statements on her were incoherent and incomprehensible.

On Monday, he commented on Twitter that his wife was going to have him locked up in a psychiatric ward. On Tuesday, he continued with another message announcing that he wanted to divorce. He accused Kardashian of maintaining a relationship with another rapper, Meek Mill, and called her and her mother supporters of white supremacy. But then he deleted this tweet.

Kanye West held a meeting as part of his presidential campaign on July 19 ....

“Those who understand mental illness or compulsive disorder know that if they are not minors, the family is helpless until the patient asks for help,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram today. She also said that her husband’s words were sometimes inconsistent with his intentions. So far, she has reportedly resisted publicly talking about his health in terms of privacy and because she wanted to protect their four children.

She added that her husband’s actions could evoke “strong emotions”. She described him as a “gifted and complex personality, an artist and a black man” who had to deal with his mother’s death and the “pressure and isolation” associated with his career.

“I kindly ask the media and the public for the compassion and understanding we need to overcome all this,” Kardashian wrote.

She mentioned her husband’s mental health problems in an interview with Vogue magazine last year. She said at the time that West was not taking any medication for fear that it would affect his creativity.

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