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Rapper Dio: “I never left home and was completely energy-free” NOW

Dio has had a difficult time. In Linda Girls told the rapper that he had depression two years ago and almost wanted to stop making music.

“In 2018 I finished an album, but my feeling told me it was not having the right energy. When I invited guest artists Hef and Kraantje Pappie to join that record, they said independently that they doubted whether it really was “My” music was. It wasn’t as authentic as they used to be from me, “the rapper begins.

“In retrospect, I’m glad those guys told me that at the time, but at the time it was really bad. I started ten years ago to hear a new, fresh sound, and now it seemed like I was a dime a dozen artist had become. “

The rapper, who in 2007 in collaboration with The Opposites and Willie Wartaal achieved commercial success with the song Dom, Lomp & Famous, thought “seriously thinking about quitting”. However, this immediately prompted him to ask who he was without his music. “All these years I derived my identity from the artist Dio. If I was no longer who, then who? I ended up in an existential crisis, a depression. My house no longer came out, the curtains were closed and was completely energy-free. “

Although he had a lot to his friends, Dio, who is actually called Diorno Dylano Good, eventually went to a psychologist. “That helped. Slowly I regained the structure in my life and I felt the urge to make music again. Only completely different: from my heart. Blinders on, not listening to what others expect from me, but making what I like After a long search I have found myself and my sound again. “

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